Intel prepares for 8 core CPU

After dual core which most people are using on their PC and laptop they have come up with quad core CPU which performs even better. But now they are planning for 8 cores in a single die which makes it more powerful as far as multitaksing is concerned, but do we need all that power? May be yes for research purposes and super computers but definitely not for home users. May be in the times to come!!!!

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Google GDrive may not work

We all are aware of many online storage sites where we can store our files and access them from any computer in the world with an internet connection. This is what Google is doing now with its so called G Drive, but its too late for them. Its an old concept and wont sell in the market. Let’s see!!!!!

January 27, 2009 at 3:11 pm 1 comment

Tata Sky creates a hole in your pocket

I was quite happy with the my Tatasky connection until I called up their customer care when my remote stopped working. They asked to follow some stupid steps like change your batteries of remote etc. When I asked them to forward my request for an engineer visit, as I was not getting what they were telling, they told me it would cost me around Rs. 350 for an engineer visit. Well today when the companies are fighting to retain the customers, tatasky is asking me to pay Rs. 350 for some stupid engineer visit. Moreover, when I asked them to replace the remote, they again said I have to buy from the shop that again would cost me around Rs. 350. My advice to all new customers is to explore other service providers like Sun, Reliance and others before going for TATASKY, Say Tata (bye-bye) to Tatasky.

January 26, 2009 at 4:42 pm 1 comment

Windows 7 download overloads Microsoft networks

With the huge rush to download Windows 7, Microsoft website has faced huge traffic and as a result not only the Windows 7 page , but the entire site is down.
If the site recovers you can use the following link to download:

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Windows 7 – Download Today

The new operating system by microsoft Windows 7 will be available for download from Jan 9, 2009 on the microsoft site, here is the link:


But its a beta release.
Some of the features are:

1) In Windows 7, Microsoft has paid extra attention to performance, reliability, security, compatibility and battery life of your PC or Laptop.

2) Windows 7 is reported to have Multi Touch Feature, which will enable people with touch-screen monitors to use multiple fingers to interact with their PC screens in a more intuitive way. Overall a well, Microsoft is learnt to have paid extra attention to Usability.

3) Windows 7 is also known to have a interesting “Play-to” feature which allows easier streaming of music, video and photos to devices in a home network.

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A Letter from Ramalinga Raju – Satyam Fraud

Here is the letter that Ramalinga Raju wrote to all the employees after the Satyam fraud, where he clearly mentioned that he was not aware of the fraud. As of now Satyam has been put off from Nifty.


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